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Letters of Recommendation

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

I Offer Here Letters of Recommendation from my Spiritual Director and Meditation Teachers

From the desk of my Spiritual Director, Fr. David Beauvais:

“I have enjoyed the privilege of working with Mario Caputo as Spiritual Director for eight years now; in that time, he has worked very hard with me, and in his own practice, growing through the disciplines of deep daily meditation, prayer and selfless service to our community. Mario spent two years in full time meditation while writing and publishing—I know he has found great strength and joy in deep absorptions. Mario is a sensitive,, intelligent and hard working person; I am happy to see him carrying on the banner of Certified Life Coaching and Spiritual Direction, while teaching prayer, meditation and life skills to those deeply interested. Mario has many thousands of hours of meditation experience; I have great confidence in him and I offer him my unequivocal spiritual blessing for all of his future undertakings.


Fr. David Beauvais, LCSW"

Swami Jyotirmayanada, direct disciple of Sri Sri Swami Sivananda, and founder of the Yoga Research Foundation Of Florida (YRF), has enjoyed high levels of absorption in meditation for several decades. Acting as my Meditation Coach, he has given me his blessing to provide spiritual direction to others while teaching effective methods of prayer, meditation and self-improvement in the following words:

“Sri Mario Caputo,

Divine blessings!

I am pleased to have a look

into your spiritual website.

Dissemination of Spiritual Knowledge

(Jnana Yajna) is the most effective method

of serving God in all. 

Blossom with Knowledge and Waft

the Aroma of Divine Love!

You have my blessings and prayers.

May God bless you with Divine Success;

and May His blessings shower on all!

With Prem and Om,

Swami Jyotirmayananda”

During Darshan with the "Huggging Saint," Amma, I asked for

divine guidance.

In her presence I also had the boldness to ask her for samadhi. You can read about the challenges and graces that followed in my blog on this page about my travels to India.

Amma has given over 30 million hugs to seekers around the

world and is widely recognized both as a World Teacher (Jagad and Satguru) and a philanthropist.

Dialoguing with Ben Massaro and Ilona Ciunate, they both recognized the freedom I have gained through daily practice and offered their support, giving me their blessings to teach.

Perhaps most importantly, in my own meditation periods,

I have sought the will of my own Teachers, Jesus Christ and

Paramahansa Yogananda and I have felt their full blessing to

write and teach on spiritual and practical subjects, especially the process of integrating deep daily meditation into one's daily life.


Mario Caputo

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1 Comment

Momtazul Karim
Momtazul Karim
Nov 05, 2022

Wonderful Mario, I really love your blogs. It makes me reflect on life and happiness. It calms my sole and makes me peace. Never stop writings. You're destined to be a great monk, a sole seeker, a yogi, a sufi!

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