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Scientific Healing Affirmations for a New YOU this New YEAR!

It's a New Year and our potential for growth and satisfaction is truly unlimited!

The Father of Yoga in the West, Paramahasna Yogananda wrote a well-organized and highly empowering book he entitled: Scientific Healing Affirmations. Here are three powerful affirmation I use every day from the book. They have TRULY changed my life. They can change yours too!

Here is how to practice your affirmations: Practice in the morning after you first wake up when the subconscious mind is very receptive to chanted affirmations. For the same reason, practice just before falling asleep in the evening and after your daily meditations.

Practice the chants out loud in a calm, determined voice. Start at a conversational level. Then chant softly. Then in a whisper. Then chant mentally only.

Chant with great feeling and deep conviction.

Chant for for many days in a row.

Here are the affirmations I use and truly TRUST to make major changes, quickly, when properly practiced (esp in conjunction with deep daily meditation).

"I am Strong; I am Strength!!"

"I will purify my mind with the thought that God is guiding my every activity."

"Thou art perfect, Thou art I, Thou art I. Thou art my brain. It is shining, it is whole, it is whole, it is whole, it is whole."

Stay tuned for next week! And, if you want to schedule a session with me to go deep with this practice or with meditation (or goal setting for the new year!) please don't hesitate to let me know!

Have a great week!

Namaste, Sri Mario

(As swami Jyotirmayananda, Founder of Yoga Research Foundation of Florida affectionately referred to me).

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